I came across an interesting article the other day you may be interested in. A recent “Harvard Health Letter‘ survey indicates that of the more than 15,000 Harvard Medical School faculty physicians who responded, approximately 13 percent, or almost 2,000 in total, have had or are under regular chiropractic treatment. This is approximately 50-75% more than the national average of Americans seeking chiropractic care. These doctors obviously know that chiropractic plays an important role in health.

Results from the survey, which covered personal health habits including alternative medicine use (which included chiropractic), diet, exercise, vitamin use, body weight, smoking, and more, were reported. Half of the respondents chose “curious”, “open-minded”, or “enthusiastic” to describe their attitude towards alternative medicine. Older doctors were more likely to be skeptical of alternative treatments than younger ones, as were male doctors compared to female ones.

This makes you think, “if it’s good enough for them…” You go it! It’s certainly good enough for you loved ones!

Chiropractic can play an important role in helping you achieve optimal wellness and relieve the aches and pains associated with our fast-paced lives.

If you or someone you know is suffering from pain or stress, or would like to live a fuller healthier life, you may want to consider being evaluated with the ProAdjuster. Please contact our office to schedule your evaluation. You have nothing to lose but your aches and pains!

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