Praise for chiropractic recently came from an unlikely source, namely, Orthopedics Today, which featured an article titled, “Time to Recognize Value of Chiropractic Care? Science and Patient Satisfaction Surveys Cite Usefulness of Spinal Manipulation.”

In the article, Jack Zigler, MD, orthopedic spine surgeon with the Texas Back Institute, states, “There are a lot of myths about chiropractic care. I decided to look into each of these myths, and what I found is that chiropractic education, side-by-side, is more similar to medical education than it is dissimilar. Chiropractors work for us as screeners for surgical pathology. They can do the same work-up and send the patient who has already gone through his conservative treatment and had all his diagnostic work done to the surgeon.’

Additionally, Scott Haldeman, DC, MD, PhD stated, “About 10-12 international guidelines have suggested that there is some benefit to chiropractic spinal adjustments. If we look at their basic guidelines, manipulation has consistently been accepted by independent government and scientific bodies as being a valid form of treatment.”

Andrew Cole, MD, associate clinical professor of rehabilitation medicine at the University of Washington and recent past president of the American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, gave the strongest overall endorsement when he said, “Overall, chiropractic has the advantage of reducing pain, decreasing medication, rapidly advancing physical therapy and requiring fewer passive modalities.”

If you or someone you know has been waiting for third party valuation of chiropractic care before trying care in our office, this should do the trick. Our office has experienced considerable success in relieving pain, allergies, fatigue, stress– just to name a few. If you or someone you know is suffering from pain, stress, lack of sleep, or you simply would like to achieve optimal health and wellbeing you may want to consider being evaluated. Please contact our office to schedule your evaluation!

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